When we say we’re “change the world” people here at GearBeyond, that’s more than just an idle statement… and this is the place where the rubber meets the road, where you can see how any GearBeyond purchase makes a difference beyond your world and ours.

We run a nonprofit organization ourselves, so when starting  GearBeyond, there was no way we wouldn’t put helping to make the world a better place right into our company mission.

We donate 10% of our profits to charity, typically focusing on one nonprofit organization at a time. Below you can see the details on where we’re currently focusing on our efforts. And yes, that’s a serious 10%, as we calculate the percentage of profit before we pay ourselves, which is sadly not always the case with companies pledging donations.

(March – June ’20 Donations)

When selecting a nonprofit organization for donations, it’s always important to vet that organization, because, unfortunately, unethical organizations do indeed exist, and they don’t deserve anyone’s donations! The key is to find an organization that fits into one of your passions and also earns a high grade from places like Charity Navigator or Guide Star.

BestFriends.org easily fits that mold, and we wholeheartedly love the work they do to save animals. One of their core missions right now is to help make American pet shelters achieve “no-kill” status by 2025. Here’s what the term “no-kill” means, per Best Friends —

“When every shelter in a community achieves a 90% save rate for all cats and dogs, that community is designated as no-kill.”

That’s a goal we’re proud to stand behind, and that’s where our first donation of 2020 is headed!

For more on Best Friends, click here to visit their website. We’ll post an update over the summer when we write the check to Best Friends, so we can let everyone know how we all did together.

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